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Leaders and Managers
to reach new heights of performance and productivity.

Sales Training Consulting
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Executive Coaching

Are you feeling stuck?

Maybe you are caught in an endless cycle of back to back 30 minute meetings hence have an overflowing inbox that never diminishes?

Perhaps you are a first-time leader or manager, or just got a promotion, and are feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to pick up?

Possibly you are not sure where to start to put together a sales methodology and process or create a world-class sales training offering?

Coaching and/or consulting with me can soon get you unstuck.

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My areas of expertise:

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Sales Training Consulting

From sales hire onboarding to skills development, get expert guidance on what, and how to implement, impactful initiatives.

Anna writing a sales process on a whiteboard - part of the sales consulting and coaching process.
Sales Process Consulting

Leverage my experience in defining and implementing sales methodologies and processes that deliver value.

Anna and a client facing each other during a 1:1 executive coaching session.

Get unstuck and regain control with bespoke 1:1 Executive Coaching for Managers and Leaders.

Anna Hiett sat on a sofa with a notebook and pen on the table in front of her.
Hi there,

I'm Anna Hiett.

I understand the pressure of feeling stuck as a leader or manager, because I’ve been there.

As an  International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified executive coach, I partner with my clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

As a consultant, I leverage my extensive and award-winning sales methodology, process and training experience, to help leaders and managers create effective programmes that drive results and deliver value.

What my clients are saying...